Apple Shooter – The Best Archery Game

apple-shooterWelcome to the website which is dedicated to the most funny and addicting flash game – Apple Shooter. In this archery game, mission of the player is rather simple – using arrow and bow, hit the small red apple, but the player should keep in mind that it is placed on the head of your Assistant . This means that you should think twice before making the shot. In case you hit the apple, you are given bonus points and the player moves to the next round, where the distance between him and target becomes bigger. If you hit your assistant, you fail.

Don't miss to play the second version of Apple Shooter archery game at our website, it is very interesting and addicting, CLICK HERE TO PLAY APPLE SHOOTER 2
You should also play another game created by the same developer which uses the Apple Shooter graphics and physics - it is called Quarterback Challenge, which can be played for free HERE.
Apple Shooter is rather addictive game. The game is based on simple physics. You have to think about the strength of your shot as well as pick the right angle. All actions in this game are made using your mouse. First set the angle, then hold your mouse right click to set the strength.  The developer of the game is, you have definitely heard about their games, such as Gunblood,QB Challenge and others. As a fan site, we have added all of them to our website, take your time to play them all.